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Walnut Growers Association of Turkey


By the power,

By the the labor,

By the color

of this land…

We claim!

We produce the highest quality walnuts in the world.

Walnut Growers Association of Turkey,

has been established in the homeland of walnut

by top standard producers that locally grow walnuts

with care and devotion.

Our mission is to make you feel

the taste, color and smell of walnuts

catered from the land to your table.



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Walnut Growers Association of Turkey

About Us

The Walnut Growers Association of Turkey proudly upholds the legacy of Anatolia's 3,000-year-old walnut culture, rooted in a deep commitment to preserving nature and prioritizing soil and human health. As stewards of our country's natural resources, we recognize the importance of sustainable practices to ensure the longevity of our industry and the well-being of future generations.


Our Mission

At the Walnut Growers Association of Turkey, we are dedicated to advancing new technologies and strategies to maintain sustainable growth standards, enhance product quality, and minimize our environmental impact. With a profound respect for our heritage and the blessings of nature, we continually seek innovative alternatives to strengthen our industry and uphold our responsibilities to the community and the environment.

Our Sustainability Initiatives

Environmental Management: In response to global climate change, we support research on water quality and storage to ensure sustainable product supply. Through the implementation of advanced technologies, we strive to optimize water and energy resources, protect soil health, and minimize waste, thereby reducing our carbon footprint and promoting ecosystem management.

Sustainable Nutrition and Human Health: We are committed to growing nutritionally rich products that contribute to public health. Through ongoing research, we highlight the nutritional benefits of domestically grown walnuts, ensuring compliance with food safety standards set by national and international regulatory bodies.

Contribution to Rural Development, Economy, Employment: Our walnut plantations, primarily situated in agricultural development regions, provide vital employment opportunities and support rural development initiatives. With a significant contribution to the national economy and a focus on local educational and cultural programs, we strive to foster sustainable growth and prosperity in our communities.

Contribution to Forestation: Through our investments in walnut plantations, we promote regional biodiversity and mitigate carbon emissions, contributing to industrial afforestation efforts in Turkey.

Investment in Production & Soil


Our members invest in their soil, patiently growing walnuts with great investments in open factories. They are working to provide national employment and self-sufficient agricultural production while producing the highest quality walnuts at world standards.

Our members have come together to display their world class produce, brought from the field to the table at top quality standards.

Walnut Growers Association of Turkey carries out activities to reinforce and improve the notion of the exceptional quality of walnut, TURKISH WALNUT, and to raise consumer awareness.

The Walnut Growers Association of Turkey provides industrial resources for the health benefits of walnuts, reports, scientific research on production in Turkey and in the global market, through committees consisting of its members.

The Walnut Growers Association of Turkey, which carries out studies to increase the productivity per decare in our country by increasing the cooperation of universities and scientists working in the domestic and foreign fields and its members. The virtue of the association serves the future of walnut production as well as creates a great contribution to Turkish agriculture with the reports published by the Production and Quality Committee.


The Marketing, Sectoral Research and Information Sharing Committee established within the association, share their industrial knowledge and know-how in the homeland of walnut through their publications. These publications are proudly provided as a source of information in all agricultural countries of the world.

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Agriculture is Our Future  

Our geography, where our ancestors resided in Anatolia and has hosted dozens of civilizations for thousands of years, has the largest cultivable land in the world.


In these lands where agricultural culture was born, our walnut growers work patiently and diligently with the legacy of thousands of years of agriculture, not only produce the Best of Walnuts, but also lead all agricultural industries.

Agriculture is not only Turkey’s gem but also its future. It is our responsibility to ensure the continuance of this value, both towards our country and the rest of the world.

We Import 70% of the Walnuts Consumed​

Although Turkey is one of the countries that has the highest walnut consumption in the world with an average annual walnut consumption of 140,000 - 150,000 tons (approximately 3.3 kg per person), unfortunately, approximately 70% of the walnut consumption is sustained by imported produce.


With America and Chile being the main sources, China, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Moldova and Argentina are among the countries Turkey imports walnuts from.


In addition, Turkey is the number one market for walnut exports of America and Chile.

Image by Cameron Venti

250 Million Dollars of Imports

The foreign exchange cost of walnuts (approximately 85,000-90,000 tons) that entered Turkey through legal and illegal channels approximates around 250 million dollars.

We have regrettably long been a net importer country for walnuts (same for almonds) as we import nearly 90% of our almond consumption, mainly from America.

Apart from the burden this puts on our economy and domestic current account deficit, sadly, our consumers are not yet aware that the walnuts they consume are locally produced, and even believe that they consume domestic produce.

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Turkey's Domestic Walnut, The Most Delicious Walnut


As the Walnut Growers Association of Turkey, our most important mission is to increase domestic walnut production and consumption.


Our association has confidently set out to ensure that nut companies, national retail chains, e-commerce companies, greengrocers and market buyers, and most importantly, our consumers, demand "Turkish walnuts produced in Turkey", with its reliable board of directors, members, working committees and projects.

Turkish Walnut Producers


Our committees

Image by Alex Wigan

sectoral information 

  study commission where scientific studies on walnut cultivation in the world are followed

Committee Reports


Our working committee , which establishes the established communications between the consumer and the walnut producers

Committee Reports

production, quality
and standards

Working to increase yield and product quality in walnut cultivation.

working committee

Committee Reports

  providing communication with public institutions and organizations, associations

working committee

Committee Reports


International Nut and Dried Fruit Counci

Walnut Growers Association of Turkey;

Is an official member of INC: International Nut and Dried Fruit Council


Our members

Dernek Yönetim Kurulu
Takip Edin

Walnut Growers Association of Turkey
Board of Directors and Auditors

Board of Directors

1- Ömer R. ERGÜDER      (Board of Directors)

2- I. Hakkı AKHAN (Vice President)

3- A. Emin YAZICIOĞLU   (Treasurer)

4- Yusuf YORMAZOĞLU   (Secretary)

5- Melek Kürüm (Member)

Board of Directors Substitute

1- Engin PEKER    

2- Mesut MUTLU  

3- Ali TOKER 

4- Tayfun ERPEK  

5- Ural ATAMAN   

Board of Supervisors

1- Kemal KAYA (Member) 

2- Pelin DELİMOLLAOĞLU (Member) 

3- Barış ÖZKAMALI  (Member)  


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