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Ceviz Ureticileri Dernegi Surdurulebilir

Members of the Walnut Growers Association of Turkey are engaged in

walnut cultivation with the heritage of Anatolia's 3,000-year-old walnut culture.

They preserve and protect nature, provide forestation for our country,

and prioritize soil and human health.


We are the representatives of a deep-rooted heritage.

We are the guardians of our country's natural resources.


As Turkish Walnut Growers, we believe that we must strive

to develop new technologies and strategies in order to maintain

our sustainable growth standards, improve our products

and reduce our negative footprint on nature.

We respect our 3000 year-old walnut culture and the natural

resources that provide us with many blessings.

This regard forces us to always consider new alternatives,

improve our processes and keep our industry strong

for future generations


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Ceviz Ureticileri Derneği

We Strive for
Future Generations

Ceviz Ureticileri Derneği
International Nut and Dried Fruit Counci
Sürdürülebilirlik Platformu

Our sustainability platform works on Five Main Subject Matters

Environmental Management

Due to global climate change, Turkish Walnut Producers support research on medium and long-term water quality and storage for the observed and predicted effects of climate change aiming to render the product supply sustainable. We use developing technologies to ensure the most efficient and effective use of our water and energy resources.

We are engaged in lead studies and practices in protecting and improving soil health, reducing water and energy consumption.

We ensure the protection of natural resources by increasing productivity by minimizing waste for growing and processing walnuts.

We minimize our carbon footprint by performing ecosystem management with sustainable technologies.


Sustainable Nutrition and Human Health

We contribute to public health by growing nutritionally rich products that improve human health.


We support ongoing research to highlight the nutritional benefits of Turkey's

domestically grown walnuts.

Food safety

Turkish walnuts are harvested and processed in accordance with the standards and regulations mandated by both Turkey and the world food safety organizations.


Our harvested walnuts always exceed the nutritional value expectancy standards set by the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

In addition to our in-sector trainings, we constantly improve the quality of our products by actively participating in international walnut market conferences and communications by providing representation at the world's major walnut and nutritional health institutions*.


By ensuring that Turkish Walnuts are audited by national and international certification bodies, we certify our production processes and products at world standards.

International Nut and Dried Fruit Counci

Registered Contribution to Rural Development, Economy, Employment

In our walnut plantations, almost all of which are located in agricultural development regions, we provide agricultural employment through the support we provide to rural development, and we strive to implement local educational and cultural development programs in coordination with regional authorities and non-governmental organizations.

With our employees in the cultivation, maintenance, processing, distribution and sales networks of Turkey's production of Turkish Walnuts, we provide an average of 40 million dollars registered monetary volume to the national economy every year, as well as recruiting registered employees to benefit our country's employment.

Contribution to Forestation​​
As a result of our investments in our walnut plantations, almost all of which are located in agricultural development regions, we contribute to regional biodiversity while creating a positive effect on oxygen emissions by expanding industrial afforestation in Turkey.

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