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Walnut Farming Seminar from A to Z - 2022 

We would like to thank our sponsors who contributed to the realization of our seminar  .

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Federico López Larrinaga A to Z Walnut Farming Seminar 

The guest of our first seminar, which will be organized by the Walnut Producers Association on 04. June 2022 and will be open to the participation of only the members of the Walnut Producers Association and our sectoral stakeholders, is the advisor of many of our members.
It will be Spanish Agronomist Federico López Larrinaga.

Due to the intense interest of both our members and our sectoral stakeholders, our participation quota has been filled.

For this reason, it has been decided to publish our seminar online for all walnut growers and our followers who demand to participate.

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You can attend this event online.


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04 June 2022

Yucesan Farm / Sakarya

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All our Walnut Producers' Association members and walnut producers who have not yet started a membership to our association, investors who are planning to start walnut production, our solution partners who support us in walnut production, our stakeholders   will attend our seminar, which will be held with the presentation of Spanish Agricultural Engineer Federico Larrinaga . . 

With the LIVE BROADCAST from the seminar hall, all guest participants will be able to follow the seminar.

To participate in our seminar, which will be broadcast live and will be broadcast only in the MEMBERS SPECIAL area, it is sufficient to fill in the application form below.

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Who is Federico López Larrinaga

Federico López  Larrinaga , with whom many of our members personally know, collaborate or work with agricultural engineers working in their gardens, since 2003  about walnut and almond cultivation almost all over the world He is the founder of NOGALTEC company, which provides expert consultancy.

Federico López  Larrinaga, who provides consultancy services both in Turkey and in many countries on hard shellfish, which is his area of expertise, is also a consultant agricultural engineer in organizations such as the California Walnut Association of America, the Chilean Walnut Association, and the Mexican Walnut Association . .

In the light of his extensive knowledge and experience, Walnut Producers for the first time in Turkey presented the A to Z Walnut Cultivation presentation, which he prepared specially for both garden owners who are carrying out walnut production and for investors who are considering entering the walnut growing sector and organized in many countries. He will explain at the seminar organized by his association.




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Our Seminar Event, which will be held at Yücesan Farm , founded by one of our members, Mert Yücesan, and planned to last a full day, will be broadcast ONLINE LIVE, and you will be able to send your questions to Federico Larrinaga via our chat screens during the seminar, via the seminar manager.

Image by Dom Fou

09:30 Seminar Area Entry – Registration Procedures

10:00 Seminar Session Opening

10:45 Coffe Break – Coffee Break

11:00 Seminar Session Program

11:45 Noon Break 


13:00 Seminar Session Program

13:45 Coffe Break – Coffee Break

14:00 Seminar Session Program

14:45 Coffe Break – Coffee Break


15:30 Yucesan Farm Walnut Orchard Inspection


17:30 Closing Session

18:30 Seminar Closing Speeches



There will be a language option during the broadcast of the seminar, which will be held in English. 
Participants who want to listen to Turkish will be able to watch the seminar with simultaneous translation.


We expect everyone involved in walnut cultivation, such as walnut growers, agricultural engineers, sectoral stakeholders, agricultural academics, students, to participate in such an important event, which will be held for the first time in Turkey.


Walnut Producers Association is one of the leading organizations in the agricultural sector. All the activities of our non-profit association are carried out with membership fees, donations and sponsor support.

We aim to provide interactive participation in our events organized through our website and social media pages, so that manufacturers who have not yet become members of our association can benefit from the activities of our association.


The purpose of our activities, which we organize as the Walnut Producers Association, is to facilitate the acquisition of new and up-to-date national and international information on Walnut Cultivation with expert guests in line with the demands of our association members, as well as to provide donation opportunities to our non-profit association and to enable more events to be organized.


Just like our guest participations, our association members can also participate in the seminar by paying a donation.

SPECIAL LIVE BROADCAST of our seminar for ONLINE PARTICIPANTS will be broadcast on our website, on the SPECIAL PAGE FOR ONLINE PARTICIPANTS.

After filling out the donation form below and making your donation payment, you will be able to access the publication page with the information that will be sent to you via e-mail.

Accounts that do not pay donations will not be able to access the LIVE BROADCAST page, which can only be viewed for your membership on our association website.

Our LIVE BROADCAST SUPPORT team will gladly support you with any questions regarding accessing the page via our Submit your questions screen._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

You will be able to watch our seminar live on our special page for ONLINE PARTICIPANTS, as well as watch the replay after the broadcast ends. 

The re-broadcast of our seminar will remain open for our guests who participate for 2 days.


To attend our seminar, you will be able to make your donation payment with your credit card after filling in the required fields in the form below.

Donation Fee for Participation in our Seminar with Live Broadcasting is 500 TL . The payment provider company also provides installments to your credit card at the time of payment with a minimum interest.

Following your payment, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address stating that your donation payment has been made and approved.

Following the completion of your payment, you will be able to convey all your possible questions to our association general secretariat by phone or by contacting our Live Broadcast Support team via our whatsapp line  .




Seminar Broadcast Monitoring and Donation Payment Form

We would like to thank our sponsors who contributed to the realization of our seminar  .

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Association Member Participation Donation Fee 1.000 ₺
Guest Participant Donation Fee 1.500 ₺

* Quota is full.

Seminere Online Katılım(₺)
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👍 Thank you.
Your payment will be checked and confirmed 

The Walnut Producer Association is an official association that accepts membership in accordance with the current association laws and regulations.

In accordance with the conditions of our association's statute, membership applications to our association are made through our Association's General Secretariat.

Within the scope of the activities of our association, reports, research, etc. related to walnut production published by our committees, compiled from domestic and foreign sources, and to our webinars, seminars, etc. events organized by the association committees on our association website . Only our members can view the information via our member- specific pages  .


Our association can also organize paid events such as seminars, conferences, webinars, etc., in line with the purposes specified in its founding charter. Some of these non-profit activities can be attended by making donations to contribute to the association.

In return for donations, our association is provided with the opportunity to participate in some of our events, which are open to the participation of producers and/or our sector stakeholders, who have not yet applied for membership to our association.

We would like to thank our sponsors who contributed to the realization of our seminar  .

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