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5 tips to understand delicious and high quality walnuts

Walnut is one of the favorite nuts of many people with its nutritious properties and unique taste. However, it may be difficult for consumers to choose delicious and high quality walnuts. The Walnut Growers Association of Turkey, which was established by the combination of agricultural enterprises engaged in walnut production with modern agricultural practices, shared tips on understanding quality walnuts with consumers.

23.06.2023, İstanbul

The Walnut Growers Association, which supports walnut production in Turkey and also raises awareness of consumers about quality and good walnuts, gave information about the issues to be considered in walnut selection.

Attention to Harvest Date in Imported Walnuts

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According to the Walnut Growers Association of Turkey, most of the imported walnuts cannot be sold in the same year they are harvested and remain in their hands. It is kept in warehouses for at least 1-2 years. Therefore, it may not be as fresh as required.

In addition, mineral and oil values ​​are considerably reduced. In order not to be affected by long-term waiting conditions, it can adversely affect human health in case of storage with chemical drugs in containers.

High Quality Walnut Color Determines

Underlining that dark-colored, easily dispersed walnuts with almost no interior should be preferred, the Walnut Growers Association of Turkey underlines that this problem is mostly experienced in imported walnuts.

Here are some tips from the Walnut Growers Association of Turkey to consider when choosing delicious and high-quality walnuts filled with natural oils:

1- There should be no mold: There should not be any mold on both the inner and outer shell of a quality walnut. A fresh and healthy walnut should have a clean and smooth shell.

2- The amount of the inside: When the shell of a good walnut is cracked, the amount of the inside should be more.

3- It should be easily peeled: A quality walnut should be easily separated from its inner shell. The walnut inside should come out easily from the outer shell by groping or using a cracker.

4- Color: Quality walnuts generally have a lighter and homogeneous color. Also, the inside of the walnut should not fall apart easily.

5- Size: A good walnut should be quite large. The large size indicates the maturity and fullness of the walnut.

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About the Walnut Growers Association of Turkey:

The Walnut Growers Association was established in 2020 with the aim of improving the domestic walnut production in Turkey, by bringing together the agricultural enterprises engaged in walnut production with modern agricultural practices.

The aim of the members of the association, which cultivates walnuts in line with sustainability criteria, by prioritizing soil and human health, is to contribute positively to the current account deficit in our country. For this purpose, the Walnut Growers Association, which carries out studies to increase the productivity per decare in our country by increasing the interaction of its members with universities, scientists and local and foreign professionals working in the field, also carries out consumer awareness activities with activities that improve the perception of quality domestic walnuts. On the other hand, aiming to be the reference point of the sector in Turkey, the Association carries out sectoral information gathering activities to ensure that its members have access to information and cooperates with domestic and foreign organizations such as the International Nut and Dried Fruit Council (INC), of which it is an official member. .

Taking strength from the ancient walnut culture of Anatolia, the Walnut Growers Association, which protects nature and contributes to the forestation of our country, serves not only the future of walnut but also the future of Turkish agriculture.


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