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Here; Anatolia..

Living with the perfect balance of air, water and soil,

One of the most fertile lands in the world with unique ecological richness.


This unique geography is home to more than 3,500 endemic plants. These plants only exist where they belong; that is, it comes to life in Anatolian lands.


Anatolia alone has more endemic plant species than the whole of the European continent. The precious soils that carry this rich ecological texture are also the gene centers of many plant species. The rich ecological life in the Anatolian geography has enabled countless civilizations to take root in these lands throughout history.


Turkey, which is the last link of these civilizations and is located in Anatolia, is one of the countries with the largest arable land in the world. Experienced farmers operating all over Anatolia, with the legacy of thousands of years of experience; It feeds Turkey's modern food production market today. Anatolia today; A living, extraordinary food factory, all parts of which interact with each other.


One of the largest farms in the world...


Agriculture is both the ore and the future of Turkey. It is our responsibility to both our country and the world to ensure that this ore shines for future generations. With this belief, we refer to the Anatolian Geography, where agriculture was born and kept alive three years ago; its farmer with its bird, its leaf plow, its plain fisherman, its boat with its endemic plant, its harvest with its rain, its bee wheat; We set out to tell Turkey and the world with its untold beauty from the ten thousand years it started.


In order to create this awareness, we started to prepare the documentary series AGRICULTURE IS OUR FUTURE, together with the Anadolu Documentary team and Circus, by saying 'THAT IS ANATOLIA', that is, THE LARGEST FARM OF THE WORLD. AGRICULTURE IS OUR FUTURE SPECIAL SECTION and our series consisting of 10 thematic sections is a visual 'NATIONAL PRIDE PROJECT' that reveals how strong, diverse, innovative and vital Turkish agriculture is.

Presenter: Kıvanç TATLITUĞ

Guests: Prof. Dr. İlber Ortaylı | prof. Dr. Mehmet CEYHAN | Dr. Ayşegül SELIŞIK | Dr. Viorel GUTU | Ali Nihat GÖKYİĞİT |




Director: Cenk ORUÇ Cinematographer: Recep Süleyman ÖNÜT Producer: Murat Resul ODABAŞ, Enes Taha SELEK Project Design: CIRCUS Project Creator and Consultant: Cem RODOSLU Executive Producer: Özer SATA, Kenan OR Brand Relations: Öyküm SAFİOĞLU AVCI Project Communication: Gülşah SEYHAN

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